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The amazing facade ogf the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

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The Grande Arche de la Defense viewed from below in Paris, France.

The Grande Arche de la Defense, Paris, France

The Grande Arche de la Defense, Paris, France

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Beautifully lit at night, the Ferris Wheel in the Place de la Concorde is quickly becoming a landmark on the Parisian Landscape.

Ferris Wheel, Place de la Concorde, Paris

Ferris Wheel, Place de la Concorde, Paris

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Here is a typical scene from the streets of Paris.

Tabac and Cafe, Paris, France

Tabac and Cafe, Paris, France

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Italian Chapel, Lamb Holm, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Italian Chapel, Lamb Holm, Orkney Islands, Scotland

One of the most striking religious buildings I have visited is the distinctive Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm on the Orkney Islands, Scotland. Built by Italian prisoners of war during WWII, it is beautifully designed and decorated.

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This is a small guide of the sites that I use to sell my images.

First I divide my images into Mirco images that I can sell for royalty free with These are images in my collection that do not include copywrite material or people (unless written permission is obtained).

The images that are editorial or of special interest will go to or

The mirco images will return more per image than the general stock, but the submission processes can be painful and I understand that some photographers do not believe in selling their content at such a low price. I have seen returns of 0.10€ on an image sale.

I am, however, delighted with my returns from istock and shutterstock as they return well over 1€ per image per year against 0.33 with Alamy and Age. Dreamstime 123rf and canstockphoto are also worth the while.

That is not to say that I am unhappy with Alamy and Age. The good thing with Age and Alamy is that they in general accept a lot more images when compared to mircostock, with Alamy you can submit what you want and Age accept a large number of images that are submitted. Returns on a sale from these companies can range from 20€ per image to 100€.

What are your experiences of the world of stock photography?

The Orkney Islands are situated 10km off the North coast of mainland Scotland. The Orkneys are made up of 70 beautiful islands of which 17 are populated.  Famous for its Prehistoric sites including the Brodgar Standing Stones as well as for its role in both World Wars, the population of the Orkneys are today live from farming, local oil fields in the North Sea and tourism.

Kirkwall, the proud capital, displaying one of the best examples of an ancient Norse town layout including the buildings of Bishops and Earl Palaces.

Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

Kirkwall is home of St Magnus Cathedral, started in the 11th Century and built in distinctive red sandstone and yellow Eday stone.

St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney Islands, Scotland

The town also hosts the Orkney Museum and the Highland Park Whisky Distillery. Highland Park is the most northerly whisky distillery in the world and is known to produce some of the best whisky known to man.

Highland Park Whisky Distilery, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

To the south of Kirkwall and on the small island of Lamb Holm one can find the Italian Chapel which is the only building left standing from the former POW camp for Italian soldiers working on the Churchill Barriers. The Italian Chapel was built out of two Nissen Huts and is stunningly decorated inside.

Italian Chapel, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Stromness is the second town of the islands with its charming winding streets close to the seafront and harbour which are perfect for window shopping. There are a number of pubs and restaurants here, the most famous of which is the Hamnavoe specialising in seafood.

Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Within a ten kilometre radius of Stromness is a collection of Prehistoric sites dating back over 5000 years. These sites include Skara Brae, Maes Howe as well as Stenness and Ring of Brodgar Standing Stones.

Brodgar Standing Stones, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Of the smaller islands to visit I would recommend Hoy with its fantastic trekking and Sanday with its amazing beaches especially Whitemill Bay and Lopness beaches. For more images go to

Whitemill Beach, Sanday, Orkney Islands