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Tree and Pier in Hythe, Southampton, UK

Tree and Pier in Hythe, Southampton, UK

View of tree and pier in Hythe, Southampton, England.

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Here we have a tug boat and crance in Southampton Port – Dock in England, UK in a beautiful winter’s sunlight.

Crane and Tug in Southampton Dock - Port, England

Crane and Tug in Southampton Dock – Port, England

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Here we have the delightful Hythe Pier with its railway track in Southampton, England. The railway is the longest continual pier railway in the world.

Hythe Pier and Railway, Southampton, England

Hythe Pier and Railway, Southampton, England

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Salisbury, just over an hour from Waterloo station in London by train is the provincial capital of Wiltshire.

Salisbury is dominated by its sublime Cathedral built between 1220 & 1258 in early English gothic style.

Salisbury Cathedral

The spire, the tallest in England, was added in the 14th Century and weighs 6500 tons standing at 123 meters tall. The West Front Facade is one of the most stylish of all cathedral facades in the UK and looks out onto Cathedral Close. Nearby is the Walking Madonna Sculpture by Elizabeth Frink.

Salisbury Cathedral, England

The interior of the Cathedral is well worth a visit. In the centre is the dramatic font designed by William Pye.

Font by William Pye, Salisbury Cathedral

At the eastern end of the building Trinity Chapel hosts the splendid Prisoners of Conscience stained glass window with pure blue light travelling through the modern design.

Trinity Chapel - Prisoners of Conscience Window, Salisbury Cathedral

The nave also hosts the Medieval Clock, one of the oldest working clocks in the world.

Medieval Clock, Salisbury Cathedral

The Cathedral Chapter House in the Cloister maintains one of the very few still surviving copies of the Magna Carta. Here the original is on display alongside various explanation boards revealing the full history of this famous document.

The cloister has a wonderful cafe terrace to sit back and enjoy a cuppa, before heading back into town a seeking out the other architectural gems the city has to other.

Cloister and Cafe Terrace, Salisbury Cathedral

College of Matrons was set up in 1682 and stands proud in one corner of the Cathedral Close. The Close is also home to Salisbury Museum and Mompesson House. Heading along North Walk one will pass Sarum College and Malmesbury House where a sundial commemorates the calendar reformation just before you arrive to St Ann Gate.

St Ann Gate, Salisbury

Head back to the High Street and through North Gate and follow the street to the end to find the stunningly simple St Thomas of Canterbury Parish Church built in 1220. This magnificent building is full of frescos, better examples of which are hard to find throughout British parish churches.

St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Salisbury

Pop in for a pint on the Market Square and witness the Guildhallbefore heading back up to the station via Mill Road passing the meadows and the River Avon with a view of the Cathedral spire made famous by Constable’s celebrated painting.

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows and River Avon