This is a small guide of the sites that I use to sell my images.

First I divide my images into Mirco images that I can sell for royalty free with These are images in my collection that do not include copywrite material or people (unless written permission is obtained).

The images that are editorial or of special interest will go to or

The mirco images will return more per image than the general stock, but the submission processes can be painful and I understand that some photographers do not believe in selling their content at such a low price. I have seen returns of 0.10€ on an image sale.

I am, however, delighted with my returns from istock and shutterstock as they return well over 1€ per image per year against 0.33 with Alamy and Age. Dreamstime 123rf and canstockphoto are also worth the while.

That is not to say that I am unhappy with Alamy and Age. The good thing with Age and Alamy is that they in general accept a lot more images when compared to mircostock, with Alamy you can submit what you want and Age accept a large number of images that are submitted. Returns on a sale from these companies can range from 20€ per image to 100€.

What are your experiences of the world of stock photography?