Possible the best place to eat anywhere in the UK, the Seafood Cabin in Skipness, Kintyre, Scotland offers lobster, crab and much more throughout the summer months.

Skipness Castle Seafood Cabin, Kintyre, Scotland

Set in the grounds of Skipness Castle, the outdoor tables look on to the ancient ruin as well as across the sea to the Isle of Arran. Dinners will enjoy there delicious fresh grub whilst farmyard animals look on from a distance wondering what all the fuss is about.

Farmyard animals at the Seafood Cabin, Skipness Castle, Kintyre, Scotland

The fuss is the quality of the food on the menu, smoked salmon that just slips down the throat, tasty crab oozing with favour and all to be washed down with some very well-chosen white wines….. and to top all this, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, prices are really reasonable!

Skipness Castle Seafood Cabin Menu, Kintyre, Scotland

A must for anyone visiting Scotland! PS Don’t forget to visit the castle!

Skipness Castle, Kintyre, Scotland

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