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Puente Viejo Bridge, Murcia

The city of Murica famous for its university and cathedral, sits on the banks of the Segura River was founded in 825. The oldest bridge is the Puente Viejo Bridge and forms the entrance to the city from the south.

The Santa Maria Cathedral built in 1358, has a splendid baroque facade and peaceful interior.

Santa Maris Cathedral, Murcia

The famous Semana Santa – Holy Week or Easter Processions are held around the cathedral each year. The photo below is of the practice one week before the main event.

Semana Santa - Easter Holy Week, Murcia

Other highlights of Murcia include the Royal or Real Casino. The Casino was constructed in 1847 and designed by Manuel Castraños. Even though it is a private club it is open each day to tourists. Pay special attention to the dome at the entrance, the main gallery and the ballroom.

Royal - Real Casino, Murcia